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Give a Japanese touch to your interior with our many decorative items.


  • Japanese cushions and makura
    Makura cushions are recommended by many health professionals, especially for their neck support during sleep. Their composition in buckwheat husk, small and angular, offers a dense and static filling.
  • Japanese meditation and incense

    Discover our selection of meditation items for a zen and relaxed atmosphere: incense, cushions, dharma bowls, etc.

  • Japanese household linen

    Furoshiki, tenugui, towels, handkerchiefs ... Let yourself be seduced by our selection of Japanese household linen.

  • Japanese umbrellas - Wasaga
    Wagasa are umbrellas made from washi paper and bamboo, and some are waterproof. Widely used in the past, wagasa gradually disappeared with the emergence of Western-style umbrellas. Nowadays, the manufacture of wagasa is mainly concentrated in Gifu or Kyoto.
  • Japanese Koinobori

    Koinobori are traditionally hung outside in gardens, especially on Children's Day. It is also possible to hang them on the walls indoors, in a child's room for example.

  • Noren curtains from Japan
    Hanging on the front door of shops or homes in Japan, noren are slit curtains made of cotton or linen and are named after the family or trade name. Today it is used in interior decoration.