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The Oitomi foundry, founded in 1848, can be proud to have received the imperial recognition award in 1970, rewarding the excellence of a skill dating back seven generations.

The fifth generation Tomino Susumu managed to sell iron kettles (our original) for export to the United States in the 1950s. It was the first step in exporting.
In 1950, he planned several original designs of steak dishes and exhibited them at international fairs in New York and San Francisco and gained a good reputation. At the time, it was a fairly luxurious product.

Hoshodo was renamed Kantaro Oikawa, and later became Tomiyuki Oikawa, who was called Oi Tomi, and who is now the seventh generation.
The sketches of the iron kettle and teapot built by the fifth generation Tomiyuki Susumu since the 1950s are still used as treasures of our company.
In October 1970, we had a visit to our factory from the Imperial Highness the Crown Princess of the time.
Our biggest feature is that we are proud of our total production (design / molding / casting / polishing / painting / delivery).

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