Since 2006, Tsuru is an online store specialized in the sale of high quality clothing, shoes and accessories certified "made in Japan".

You will find in our store kimonos and Yukata, colored papers, lamp and many other items from Japan. To find the Japanese aestheticism, crack for the bags and fashion accessories very appreciated in the country of the washing sun.


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In our eyes, your satisfaction is essential, that's why we assure you a delivery in 48h by colissimo as well as the guarantee satisfied or refunded. Moreover, the FAMD company has already sent more than 20 000 parcels since its creation in 2006, so we have the experience of parcels and will assure you that they are perfectly packed to avoid any breakage during transport.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 02 50 06 18 40 for any question or request for additional information on a particular product.


 Our store offers many kimonos, men's yukata, kimono jackets, two-finger tabi socks and geta wooden sandals. Whether it's for a special event, a party, a costume or just to be comfortable at home in our light and flowing kimonos, you're bound to find something you like.


It is impossible to talk about Japanese fashion without mentioning the many accessories that complete an elegant and refined Japanese outfit. The flat and fixed Japanese fan is called uchiwa, and the folding Japanese fan that we know well is called ogi or sensu in Japanese. The latter, in addition to being an everyday object to cool down on hot days, is an object deeply rooted in Japanese culture. In our collection of Japanese accessories, you will also find bracelets, key rings and lucky chimes.


Geta are the traditional shoes of Japan. Although rarer today, they are still worn with clothes like yukatas (light summer kimono), but also with western clothes and especially during festivals. Zori are straw sandals. They are formed by a flat sole and two round straps passing between the big toe and the second toe, then separating to tie up on the side of the sole at three quarters of its length. The zōri are often worn with socks separating the big toe from the other toes, the tabi.

Japanese shoes should hold your foot well when you walk or just stand.  They should be tight so that your foot does not move forward. To make sure they are tight, pull the "HANAO" (straps) tightly before putting on your shoes for the first time, then check if your feet are well supported. Note that the small toes can protrude on the outside.

Japanese decoration

Japanese interior design is above all an art of living. The key words of Japanese decoration are sobriety and minimalism. Although the decoration elements must remain simple and practical in their form, the Japanese decoration knows how to grant a little fantasy in the patterns. The most common and stylized Japanese patterns are cherry blossoms, birds, fishes or the trendy seigaiha pattern which means "wave of the blue sea". Thus, you will find in our store a selection of Japanese cushions, simple in their shape and original in their patterns.