Beige cotton hand towel, TENUGUI GEISHA, ukiyoe


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Red cotton hand towel, TENUGUI YAEGAKIHIME, ukiyoe

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Red cotton hand towel, TENUGUI YAEGAKIHIME, ukiyoe

Tenugui (手 拭 - Literally: hand towel) is very absorbent and dries very quickly, which makes it essential in everyday life for many and diverse situations. Its origin dates back to the 7th century during the Nara period. Its elongated format comes from the fact that they used the scraps of fabric when they made kimono.

It dries quickly without accumulating dust or dirt allowing use as a kitchen towel, bathroom and as a washcloth which quickly gave it its "essential onsen" side. Cooks use it as a bandana to absorb perspiration and retain hair. It is also used as Furoshiki (ecological packaging for gifts or bento boxes).

In addition to its practical side, we also notice the aesthetic side of the tenugui, the patterns are increasing. It can be used as a fashion accessory as a scarf or as a headband, bandana, interior decoration such as a tapestry, table runner.

It also has the particularity of softening and softening as it is used.


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